Touch For Health - the reference for testing, balancing and tracking your sessions

The application details the 42 test positions, images of each muscle, the path of the traditional Chinese medicine meridians, and the balancing exercises proposed by the Touch For Health method.

  • Reference for muscle testing

    The photos and videos of the 42 muscle tests are available offline.

  • Details of balancing

    For each muscle, the application proposes the neurolymphatic and neuromuscular zones and the spinal reflexes.

  • Details of the meridians

    The 14 meridians are described, with their tonify and sedation points.

  • Session follow-up

    The application presents the results of muscle tests and alarm points on the wheel of the 5 elements.

  • Proposal for balancing

    The application analyzes the results of the tests and proposes possible balancing by applying the laws proposed by the Touch For Health method.

  • Sharing the session report by email

    At the end of the session, a report is generated and can be sent by email (no data is kept by the application)

Demonstration of the application (3 minutes)

Who is the application intended for?

Touch for health – animated reference, is an atlas of muscle tests, meridians, maps and techniques used by the Touch For Health method. The application presents clear and precise visuals to facilitate learning and encourage practice. In order to take full advantage of it, it is necessary to have been trained in the Touch For Health method.

For more information on training in the method, please visit :

Touch for Health Education with Matthew Thie:

International Kinesiology College

Touch For Health France:

Facilitate learning

The application makes learning easier, with clear visuals of the positions for each test, standing and lying down. You are also provided with descriptions of the origins and insertions of the muscles as well as the path of the meridians. All the content has been created exclusively for the needs of the application. This content has been verified by kinesiologists and is intended for kinesiologists.

The test positions are aligned with those taught by the official authorities. The images have been corrected in partnership with Matthew Thie and the entire application has been proofread by Xavier Meignen, responsible for the training of TFH instructors in France.

Application of the method

The application offers a simple form to use: enter the result of the pre-tests, the muscle tests and the test of the alarm points of each meridian. The result is displayed on the wheels and the possible corrections are shown (luo points, dams, law of triangles…). The practitioner then determines which corrections are relevant according to the context of the session.

Session follow-up

The application allows you to keep track of the corrections made by exporting them by email. This operation guarantees that no data is kept by the application, while allowing to keep a history (anonymized) if necessary.

Practice Touch For Health everywhere!

With the Touch For Health – Animated Reference application in your pocket, you can practice a session wherever you are.

Easy to use

The application has been designed to be used easily and independently (all the necessary content is in the application).

100% offline

It was important for us that the application can be used in airplane mode: stop unnecessary waves!

Phone and tablet

The application is compatible on phone and tablet, Android and iPhone, to adapt to your use

Description of the meridians

Used in traditional Chinese medicine

    • The tracings of the meridians
    • Details of toning, sedation and main points
    • Details of Luo points
    • Representation on the 24 hour and on the 5 elements wheels

App comments & reviews

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Discover our team ( Almost )

Touch For Health – animated reference was designed, tested and developed by the Tergimax studio in Toulouse – FR

Aggripina M.

Aggripina M.

Kinesiologist & 3D-model

Asher F.

Asher F.

Kinesiologist & 3D-model





Screenshots presenting the different features of the application. Made on phone, all the captures are also suitable for use on a tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find below a list of frequently asked questions:

Currently the application does not offer a trial version or a free version with in-app purchases. We first worked to offer a single, comprehensive support, so all the content of the application (including future updates) is included in the initial sales price. It’s subscription-free.

No data is collected by the application, not even your e-mail. Once installed, the application can work in -not connected- mode (this is important to us). The reports of your sessions are not kept by the application.

At launch, the application integrates French and English translations, by default the language used is that of the phone. You can also choose the language via the application’s settings page.

We are currently looking for bilingual kinesiologists to propose new languages (Spanish, Italian, German…). If you want to participate, please contact us via

The application purchased on the Appstore can be installed on all devices (phone, tablet…) on which your Apple account is configured. Same thing on Android, you will be able to install the application on all devices using the same Google Play account.

Now, if you use an Apple device and an Android device, you will have to buy the application on each platform.

Terms of Service can be found here

The application was created to facilitate the learning and practice of Touch For Health. It can therefore be consulted from level 1, and will also contain the content of the higher levels.

The application is dedicated to the learning and practice of Touch For Health, it is not intended to be used without having followed the level 1 to 4 training of the method. In your case, if you are neither a kinesiologist nor in training, the application will not be useful to you.

The application offers, in digital format, useful information to practice a Touch For Health session. It is a support to facilitate the learning of test positions and a way to encourage the practice by always having the necessary information with you.

The digital support allows to bring the representation of the movements, as well as the propositions of laws and balances on the wheel.

The application is not a way to learn the Touch For Health method, this learning must go through a training with a dedicated organization. We assume that the users have followed the courses, or are in the process of training, so the application sometimes refers to the training materials received during the courses. It does not cover all the topics and notions covered in training (which would go beyond the scope of an application, or make it too complex).

In the same way, the excesses and weaknesses are reported on the wheels (time and five elements) but it is up to the user to choose which balancing to apply according to the context of the session.

We have tried to find a balance between :

– the concepts covered in training

– the information necessary for practice

-and the freedom of choice left to the user to perform the balancing.

The app has been developed to align with the test positions taught by the official college.. Be aware that, at its launch, the application has not yet been validated by them as teaching material. The application was proofread and corrected by Xavier Meignen – TFH Instructor,  and was developed in partnership with Matthew Thie who corrected the test positions and authorizes the use of the name “Touch For Health” for the application.

All the visuals of the application have been developed by the studio Tergimax based in Toulouse. This company makes 3D models from photos or descriptions with the possibility to parameterize almost everything. To contact them :

It would have probably taken less time, but we want to offer the clearest visuals possible in the application, and the realization of professional photos requires important logistics to obtain a satisfactory result.

The 3D models also allow us to make as many corrections and adjustments as necessary without losing the graphic consistency. Finally, we wish to develop the application on the long term, to add functionalities, and working with real photos, in addition to the right to the image, implies to commit ourselves with models available at each update.

For all these reasons, we have realized nearly 8000 images used for the photos and videos of the application.

When the application is used on Apple equipment, exporting session reports by e-mail requires the Apple ‘Mail’ application to be installed and configured with an e-mail account. If you notice that nothing happens when you request an export by e-mail, please consult this page: troubleshooting

Application price list (Once only)

Touch For Health - Animated Reference (Android)

36,99€ ( Launching price, Once only !)

  • 42 muscles
  • 84 Testing position (standing and lying down)
  • 14 Meridians
  • Neuro Lymphatic, Neuro Vascular, Spinal Reflex points
  • Session follow-up
  • Export by email
  • Tablet/Phone Compatible

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Touch For Health - Animated Reference (Apple)

36,99€ ( Launching price, Once only !)

  • 42 muscles
  • 84 Testing position (standing and lying down)
  • 14 Meridians
  • Neuro Lymphatic, Neuro Vascular, Spinal Reflex points
  • Session follow-up
  • Export by email
  • Tablet/Phone Compatible

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